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Adam Searle

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Hi there

I have been playing bass since November 2012 with continued tuition from the Yamaha Birmingham Music school. Through their tuition, i have played 3 gigs so far:

University of Birmingham - December 2013
Kings Edwards School - Birmingham - 2015
Kings Edwards School - Birmingham - 2016

These gigs have been recorded and can be found in some of the Youtube Links provided as well as some of the covers that i have done with more covers will be added over time.

At the University of Birmingham, I played Damage Case by Motörhead which was also my first gig.
The first time i played at King Edwards School in Birmingham in 2015, i played Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams and Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. The second time i played at King Edwards School in Birmingham in 2016, I played Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves and The Final Countdown by Europe.

All 3 gigs at the University of Birmingham and King Edwards School was put on by the Yamaha Birmingham Music school and I wanted to help the school by performing with the younger students on stage in front of their parents. To that end, we did several rehearsals before performing and i helped the other students out by giving them pointers on how to improve their finger work as well as giving them tips on staying calm while performing.

I'll turn up to the job with a professional attitude and work ethic. Reliability is something i take seriously so its rare that i'll back out at the last minute. Timekeeping is also a serious thing for me so i'll usually turn up early for a job but if i ever run late then i'd let you know as soon as i could.

I have my own gear however no transport as of yet so will be primarily looking for work within the Birmingham area however am willing to travel all over the UK if i need to. Able to swap from a 4 string to a 5 string without any issue as required.

Current Gear:


Yamaha RBX-170 [4 String]
Thunderbird IV Sunburst [4 String]
Ibanez SR 505 [5 String]


TC Electronics BG250 112

Effect Pedels:

Boss ODB-3

If you want to get in contact with me then you can do so on my Facebook page & my Twitter:

Thanks for reading and i hope to be on stage with you soon :)


Adam J Searle
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