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Brian Heywood

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01582 475655
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I am a professional guitarist with over 30 years experience in the electric folk, roots, rock, pop and fusion genres. I play ryhthm and lead electric, steel strung acoustic, guitar synth and bass guitar and have pro level gear and have reliable transport. I am a member of both the British and Australian Musicians' Unions which means I am fully covered for Public Liability Insurance (£20 million) and all my electrical equipment has up-to-date PAT certification. I ahave both UK and Australian passports which means I don't require a VISA to work in the EU, Australia and New Zealand.

Equipment list;

Electric Guitars; PRS CE 24, Epiphone Casino, Hohner G3T, Roland G303, Variax 500
Acoustic Guitars; Wasburn (extended cutaway), Ovation Celebrity, EKO Ranger (12 str)
Bass Guitars; Fender Precision (fretted & fretless), Hohner B2 Pro
Guitar Synths; Roland GR300 (analogue), Roland GR33 (MIDI)
Amplification; Mesa Boogie Reverb Rocket (guitar), Peavey Series III & SWR Workingman 10 (bass)
Line 6 Pod XT Live
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