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Graham Young

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Professional guitarist. Loads of session, album and tour experience. Most styles covered but focus mostly on Jazz, Rock, Funk and Fusion. All quality gear - 4 x 7 string Carvins, several live rigs. I also play acoustic including fingerstyle and would like to do more with that live. I've loads of experience composing and co-writing with others. On top of that I have my own pro quality studio with two properly isolated live rooms - Pro Tools & Cubase etc. 24 tracks on input - quality preamps and mics.
I'm also a classically trained pianist playing mostly jazz and funky stuff - think Steely Dan - with all the gear to cover most gigs including fender rhodes and quality digital piano and other synths. I'm also a fluent reader with a good ear and can learn sets very quickly if required. I also play with a Soul band covering all the classic tunes. If you need a good guitarist to turn up, play, make everyone sound great with a minimum of fuss - I'm yer man. I'm also a skilled arranger and a natural MD.
Graham: 07950 647783
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