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With over 20 years experience performing in different styles from resident guitarist at Centre Parcs as part of a Trio, and depping for in various covers and coroporate function bands including Superstition, Katch, Masquerade, Payback, Boogie Nights, LA Tour, 'And the beat goes on', '007Teez', 'mind the gap' with years of gig experience for weddings, events and functions throughout the UK. Also guitarist and Band leader for The Soul Patrol for the past 13 years.

Has played for 60's Rock n' Rollers :- Mike Pender, Dave Dee, Wayne Fontana, Tony Crane and Dave Berry.
and has tutored guitar privately and at secondary schools.

Competent recording guitarist and happy using various DAW's including Logic, Protools and Digital Performer

Gear :

Fender 62 Custom shop Strat
Fender 57 Reissue Strat
Fender 72 Thinline Tele
Fender JD Telecaster
Fernandes Tele (custom modified with variax electronics)
Gibson ES335
Gibson VOS SG Maestro
Gibson Les Paul
Patrick James Eggle Kanuga Acoustic
Yamaha FPX500 Nylon electo
Musicman Silhouette Special

Fender Champ II
Fender SuperChamp
Divided by 13 SJT 10/20
Hughes & Kettner Duotone
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