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Get yourself listed

So how do you get yourself listed on DepMusicians?

The first thing to know is it’s absolutely free to add yourself the dep musician directory. You’ll be able to add your name, instrument, location and contact details along with a picture if you want so you can be easily found.

So what do I need to do?

Hit the  button, enter your name, your desired username and password (you’ll need these to login later) and hit the submit button. You’ll be sent an email with a confirmation link in it that you’ll need to click on so we can confirm you’re email address is valid. You won’t be able to login and use the site until you’ve done this. You should normally get this email within a few minutes.

How do I add my listing?

Login using the panel on the right and got to SEARCH FOR DEPS. Click on the appropriate instrument and then select Add your listing (it’s on the right). You then simply enter your name, a description of you, your town, county and postcode. This is all you need to add, but the other optional information will help people contact you – email, telephone etc. You can also add some pictures of yourself if you want to - you can have up to 20 pictures in your gallery, 4 music files and 6 youtube video clips.

When you add your listing for the first time, don't add your images or music files. Just create your basic listing and once it's there add the music files and images. We have found that some users with slow connections have trouble uploading all these at the same time and our poor old servers just time out and the listing fails. 

Can I add myself to more than one category/instrument?

Yes. Use the Manage category link to add other instruments.

I can’t see a category or instrument that’s suitable. Can I add one?

Yes.Use the Add Category link in the directory menu, enter the category you want and a brief description and submit it to one of our editors for review. Again it takes a couple of hours to check this. You can either wait until it’s done before you add your listing or add yourself to a category/instrument that almost right and then change it later – it’s up to you.

How do I edit my listing?

Login and click MyListing.Click the Edit button next to your listing. You can only edit your own listing.All changes to your listing are moderated by one of our editors before it is published. This normally takes a couple of hours.

Are my reviews moderated?

Yes. Anyone, even none registered users can leave a review, but it won’t appear until we'vereviewed it. We will use our editorial judgement if something is not deemed appropriate and willreject it if it's not a suitable review. We suggest you get bands you’ve dep’d for to leave reviews. The more stars you have the more likely you will be contacted because your rating puts you higher up the search results.

How does DepMusicians look after my privacy?

When you register and create your account or edit your existing account, you will see exactly what infomation is public and what is private. Your email is never displayed publicly andis only usedby to forward information to you. You can make your telephone number public if you enter it. Read our full privacy policy.

How do I contact a musician to see if they are available?

When you've found the musician, click on their name and view there details. Select theSend email link to send them a message.

I’ve registered but I haven’t received the confirmation email?

Check your junk mail folder. You might find the email reply there depending on how you’ve set your email junk rules. If you don’t get it within a couple of hours, emailus and it will be sorted out.
Last Updated on Sunday, 09 March 2014 15:16